Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Before Sunrise

I've got a confession to make (yes besides the 7 month lull in posts, thank you): a few days ago I'd never seen any of the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight extravaganzas. A crime for a supposed film fan I know, especially one that's actually already a fan of Julie Delpy. If I can admit it to myself, I think it's because I know exactly how susceptible I am to getting overly emotionally involved in emotionally-demanding stories. I'm no stranger to crying on a packed-out 9am tube over a chapter in a book. Long story short, I watched Before Sunrise (1995) a couple of nights ago and my predicted reaction was spot on.

The plot of Before Sunrise is simple: it follows a night in the life of a French girl (Julie Delpy) and an American guy (Ethan Hawke) who meet on a long haul train across Europe and feel that initial spark of attraction that we all recognise. They end up jumping off the train at Vienna and spend the night learning about the city and about each other. Both know that the sunrise brings reality (and a 9am flight back to America), their lives taking them in different directions never to see each other again. It's a film about the right here and the right now, about missed opportunities and a chance in time that will never happen again.

Things like that really get me. Safe to say I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the follow up, Before Sunset, yet.