Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The perfectionist inside of me (the one that alphabetises my DVD collection and colour coordinates the apps on my iPhone) is a huge fan of everything that Wes Anderson touches. The idiosyncrasies in his colour palettes and trademark fonts, his wonderfully symmetric shot compositions, his quirky use of anamorphic format, you can spot a Wes Anderson film a mile off. However, visual vocabulary does not an auteur make, oh no; the whimsical enchantment and madcap characters are all equally part of the distinct, the singular, the recognisable. His latest offering, The Grand Budapest Hotel, isn't released until Spring but I stumbled across this trailer and stumbled back into love. As a side note, it looks like he's mixing it up with his aspect ratios and using 1.33, which to me makes it look a bit like a Wes Anderson film meets Instagram (yes I know Instagram isn't actually 1.33). In other words though: excellent.