Wednesday, 29 February 2012

70s hip in Almost Famous

Take a still from any scene in Almost Famous and I guarantee it’ll have you aching for the hedonistic pleasures of days gone by. Set in 1973, the film envelops us in a riotous and self indulgent world of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Above all, the mantra is about living for today. The film follows 15 year-old journalist William Miller as he attempts to write his first article for Rolling Stone magazine, finding himself embarking on a road tour with fictional band Stillwater. The film is shot to a backdrop of heavy 70s rock with muted, sepia tones tones, engulfing us in a carefree and nostalgic haze. It's all about image.

Awash in a sea of lace, crochet and headbands, the characters have us longing to emulate their heady nature, dripping with that ‘just thrown on’ style and attitude. The gentleness of the sheer fabrics is contrasted against classic denims and worn out suede, draping a sexual softness over their rocker lifestyles. Hemlines range from hippie chic maxi length to unashamedly short, with casual layering the key component. After all, who knows where the party will lead next? Hair is wavy and unkempt and faces bare and seemingly makeup free. Accessory wise, simplicity is the answer. What more do you need besides sunglasses when your life is already this cool?

Mesmerising and brazenly sexy, it is Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane who gives us the greatest outfit envy with her scene stealing ensembles. Making her entrance in an Afghan trimmed suede jacket and a lace crop top, finished off with John Lennon style sunglasses, she is the epitome of the film’s look. Her favoured palette of whites and nudes are the perfect answer to hazy, wild days. Copy the embroidery, paisley prints and artful headscarves, coupled with a sun kissed tan and that perfectly dishevelled hair and you’re all set for a summer of self indulgence.
This is a film about being rebellious, exuberant and indulgently youthful. Bring forth the festivals.

USA, 2000 
Director: Cameron Crowe 
Costume Design: Betsey Heimann

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  1. the style and era of this film are sooo my cup of tea! i love it and would sooo want to copy cat so many of the outfits if i could pull it off(which i cant lol!)