Tuesday, 29 May 2012

All bundled up in The Edge of Love

What with it almost being June, it’s time to be honest here: we’re all fed up of waiting for the weather to give up the chase and give in to summer. Will our legs ever be bare again? The Edge of Love offers the ultimate rescue plan, brimming with weather-friendly fashion delights that will reinspire your love for layering. Set against the bitter winds of the Welsh countryside, knitwear and wellies have never looked so appealing.

A fictionalised account of poet Dylan Thomas’ life, the film focuses on the romantic entanglements that dominate. Keira Knightley plays his former flame, reentering his life with a passionate ferocity, creating a surprisingly amicable love triangle with Thomas' wife, played by Sienna Miller. The nonchalant nature of this potentially complicated situation is reflected in the characters’ haphazard clothing. These are characters not bound by the conventions of life or love.

Relish in oversized granny-esque cardigans bundled over the prettiest of little tea dresses; it’s all about a clash of textures and lengths, casually thrown on to keep out the cold when the weather takes a turn for the worst. It’s about being prepared for it all, so as not to waste any precious time worrying about it later. Colour palettes are earthy and rich, full of warmth and ease in a sea of mustards and muted jewel colours. Teamed with a nod of a stylish trilby hat or a pair of quietly sexy knee-high socks, this look is the ultimate trans-seasonal fashion that is often so tricky to perfect; the key is not to try. Raid your local charity shops for cast-offs so delightfully cosy and cool, they should have never been cast off at all.

Director: John Maybury
Costume design: April Ferry


  1. I love the clothing in this movie. It is just, SO, British x

  2. awesome
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